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Thinkin Bout You     |    Frank Ocean 

Will you think about me still? 

The life and death of first love.
We looked at each other a little too long to be ‘just friends’.
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'It hurt as painfully and brutally as a child being ripped from his mother's arms.'

Stream of Consciousness

Till Kingdom Come has a different meaning for me. People like to thinnk it’s about death, I like to think it’s about devotion to an individual, that no matter what they do you you’re still there right by their side, and to me that’s beautiful. I’ve waited years and now it’s almost over, and It’s been said that old men like to build grand tombs and lock themselves and everyone else inside. I’m a young man, and we strive for immortality instead, obviously the same goal, but by a different means. I just never expected I’d be one of those people so radically concerned with his legacy at this moment, I want to live on in their hearts and minds as a good person but how can I do that when it’s all ahead of them, and I’m that person holding them back as they’re off to better places…. I could never imagine IT’s odd to me. Perhaps I’m just young and tasteless,  maybe I just want different things in my life, maybe i just want to meet again at some point in the future. i would love that. i’m holding on to that right now. 

Thank you, and I’ll see you at the movies.
Roger Ebert
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