I sing Thinking About You in the cooler at work in hopes you hear it, like a bottle thrown in the ocean for another civilization to find. I guess I keep listening to ‘Soon, My Friend’ by M83 because the lyrics are only ‘I’ll be yours, someday’ and ‘Till Kingdom come’ because for her I’d wait until kingdom come. I want to think she still loves me, but does she? I know I do.

What you want you can’t you can’t have and what you have isn’t doing well for you. It’s stream of consciousness time. I’m on queen st in Toronto and I love the city and definitely want to come here but I do still have other choices. When do I choose other ones? And of course: what if I’m drawn to another school or place for reasons I cannot yet realize?

You could’ve been anywhere in the world but you’re here with me that’s good for my ego

If I wait till I fall in love again I’ll just wait forever.
F. Scott Fitzgerald, Notebooks (via fitzgeraldquotes)
Please take care of yourself; it would be good if we could be taking care of each other once again- it always created such a delightful confusion.
Zelda to Scott, 1936 (via fitzgeraldquotes)
Still my heart knows how much you do for me. And I wish I had something to bring you in return.
Zelda to Scott, 1936 (via fitzgeraldquotes)

One can assume that someone not speaking to them is code for ‘I need time’ which is understandable, but also ‘time’ is a code for eternity. Ah.

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